We have included a question about reunions in the latest Dues request.  Thank you to those that have responded.

Here are the responses received to date where there was a preference:

Place NBR
Atlanta or Dallas 1
California, Chicago 1
Central US 2
Close to home; maybe alternate east, central and West 1
Close to Northwest 1
Eastern US 6
Galveston TX 1
Georgia 1
Kansas City MO 3
Midwest 2
Midwest, OK,Missouri,Tx 1
Near a DeHaven historical site/church or cemetery 1
Northern VA, Washington 1
NOT in CA 1
Not on West Coast, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta 1
Oregon or Pennsylvania 1
Pennsylvania 3
Philadelphia 3
Philadelphia or Washington DC 1
Philadelphia or Winchester VA 1
Salt Lake City 1
Skippack/Germantown/PA 1
South Padre Island TX 1
St Louis, Kansas City 1
Stone Mt Georgia 1
VA, Tenn or Texas 1
Washington DC 1
Where most could attend 1
Winchester VA 1
WV 1