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    Howard Dehaven Ross wrote in 1914 that “It is remembered of “old Grandmother De Haven” that she saw from her window the barefooted and ragged soldiers pass in front of her house on the memorable march on the Gulf road all the way in the snow. The main body of the Continental Army commanded by Gen. Geo. Washington passed along the old Gulf road en route to Winter quarters at Valley Forge and encamped at the Gulf from Dec. 13th to Dec. 19th 1777.” P. 30.

    I thought there was something more specific written about this that identified the woman and said exactly what she said and when she said it. She may even have said it in writing.

    More than likely this was the family of Peter Dehaven II since they lived on the Gulph (not Gulf) road to Valley Forge.

    Is anyone familiar with this?

    Also, does anyone happen to know WHERE on the Gulph Road was Peter Dehaven’s farm?


    Dora Smith

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