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Welcome to the DeHaven family!! From the DeHaven family!!!!!

This website is dedicated to the DeHaven family (all its extended family members), the DeHaven Club and the national and regional Reunions that we organize where we can share and collaborate on our DeHaven family genealogy.

We’re not here to be a “soap-box” for the spreading of dis-information or bullying post contributors. We want to help people find information about their ancestors. It should be understood that the information posted here has been done so with the best intentions. Typographic errors occur and mis-information may be posted based on the author’s best intentions. The Internet is both a wonderful place and somewhere where wrong information can be picked up rather too easily.

Check out the “Next National Reunion” page  for information on our next reunion. Come along, participate and let’s find out about our ancestors.

If you want to find out more about the DeHaven Club, or join the Club, click on the membership tab under DeHaven Club and they’ll get back to you soon.

Look around. See what we have to offer. Participate – and we’ll all find out more about ourselves and where we come from.

Latest News!

The latest Newsletter is out.  You should have received it via email or it is in the mail now.  It can also be found under the newsletter tab on this website.

Angi has been working to organize the research information.  Check out her video on the Research Tab under DeHaven Club.